RND Innovators

Shawn Watling is the owner of RND Innovators

and the inventor of RAD Technology.

   Shawn was born February 1975 in Toronto, Ontario. Just 7 weeks later his parents bundled him up into a caboose and towed him across the lake behind a snowmobile.
  His family spent every weekend and holiday up at the cottage. The next winter at just 9 months old he went for his first ride on a snowmobile.
  During his early teenage years the projects started . . . he became more and more fascinated with learning how things work.
  After spending 16 years in the printing industry as a Millwright, Machinist and Welder, Shawn started the company RND Innovators. 
  While in the printing industry he specialized in troubleshooting, designing and fabricating drive systems, installs and rebuilds throughout Canada and the U.S.
  He has a strong background and knowledge in many forms of racing.
  He's been flying airplanes for 14 years and has a float plane with a converted 670 Rotax. It has a custom fit exhaust along with a dual ignition system he designed and built.
  He drag races a stretched Suzuki Quad Racer with an 800 SDI Rotax running high 10's @ 118mph in the quarter mile!

  Currently design work is performed using the latest C.A.D. software Solid Works Premium. This software is used by top snowmobile and automotive manufacturers.  

  There is not enough room on this page to mention all the other projects and inventions from over the years!



RND Innovators new location




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  RND Innovators is located in Warsaw, Ontario, Canada. This building started out as the Warsaw Cheese & Butter Factory back in 1881. In 1951 the Royal Canadian Legion purchased the property. During the mid 70's there were two large expansions to the building.

  RND Innovators has been busy making major repairs and updates to this near 8000 square foot building. Downstairs there is a machine shop, dyno room and assembly area. Upstairs is the showroom and demonstration areas. Shawn felt this location would be ideal due to the location next to the Indian River and close access to public trails and areas for testing his prototypes.

  RND Innovators continues to design, test and build RAD Technology equipped prototype trail sleds. The intention is to incorporate RAD Technology into a production snowmobile and available for sale to the public.

  RND Innovators is also manufacturing their own Drag Race chassis and Ice Oval Chassis. 


Before Demolition


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The Demolition 


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