RND Innovators

How it works!

We are manufacturing a new complete
 chassis designed specifically for use
 with RAD TechnologyTM.

This chassis will be used for Asphalt,
 Grass and Ice Drags in the Power Adder
 and Open Mod classes.

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Coming soon ! ! !
 RAD Racer Ice Oval Race sled
Complete rolling Chassis
Semi-Pro & Pro Champ classes

All conventional snowmobiles
decrease ski pressure
as you accelerate!


This makes no sense!

You need weight on the skis to turn!

You have to apply power to
maintain speed through a corner!

The more aggressive you drive
the less control you have!

Not with RAD TechnologyTM!!

The more aggressive you drive
the better your sled handles!

Does this make sense?

Ability to stop fast
is not a strong point of a 
conventional snowmobile!

Weight transfers forward onto skis!

Approach angle at front track position
causes hydroplaning!

Excess ski pressure causes severe darting and
the back end wants to kick out sideways!

Conventional snowmobiles are not designed to stop fast!

RAD TechnologyTM has been engineered to make you 
STOP as fast as possible! 

RAD TechnologyTM 

Just makes sense!